Understanding the basics of Website Development

Understanding the basics of Website Development

E-commerce revenue in Guyana is projected to reach a market volume of US$168.90m by 2027. This is a compound annual growth rate of 17.83%1. As we brace for a likely global recession2, it’s important for businesses to optimize all available channels to get new business, upsell to existing customers and increase customer retention.

A website is a key channel that all businesses should have. If you currently do not have a website for your business, you should hire the services of a website development agency in Guyana to establish an online presence. This article returns to the basics and starts at the beginning.

What is web development?   

Web development refers to the creation and maintenance of websites and web applications. It involves a range of activities, including web design, content creation, programming, and server-side management.

Web developers use a variety of programming languages and technologies to build and maintain websites, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and server-side languages such as PHP and Ruby. They also use tools such as databases and content management systems like WordPress to store and organize website content.

What is website development

Web development can be divided into two main categories: front-end development and back-end development. Front-end development involves the design and layout of a website and the user experience. It involves the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create the visual elements of a website.

Back-end development, on the other hand, involves the server-side management of a website, including the integration of databases and the development of server-side applications.

Web development is an essential part of the modern internet, as it allows businesses, organizations, and individuals to create and maintain an online presence. It is a constantly evolving field, with new technologies and best practices being developed all the time.

Website development is a creative process

Many people only think of the technical expertise required to develop a website, but it’s important to understand that there is a lot of creativity that goes into building an effective website. The creative process of website development begins with the conceptualization and planning stages, where the goals and objectives of the website are defined and the target audience is identified.

This is followed by the design phase, where the layout and visual elements of the website are created using tools such as graphic design software and prototyping tools.

Website development vs app development

Applications are a great tool that can help businesses increase their reach, revenue and visibility. However, application development is distinct from website development. Both processes involve the creation and maintenance of digital products, but they have some important differences.

Website development vs app development

Website development refers to the process of designing, creating, and maintaining a website. Websites are accessed through a web browser. They can be static or dynamic, and they can be used for a wide range of purposes, including e-commerce, information dissemination, and communication.

Learn more about the 4 stages of website design & development.

App development on the other hand, refers to the process of creating software applications for mobile devices or computers. Apps are designed to be used on specific platforms, such as Android or iOS, and they are accessed through app stores or marketplaces. They can be native apps, which are built specifically for a particular platform, or cross-platform apps, which can be used on multiple platforms.

One of the main differences between website development and app development is the way they are accessed. Websites are accessed through a web browser, while apps are accessed through a specific platform or device. This means that apps are generally more limited in terms of their reach and audience compared to websites.

You can consult with a professional website development agency in Guyana to determine how you can move forward with the website and/or application design and development for your business as per your business’s specific needs.

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