360 Degree Marketing

360 marketing campaigns reach consumers no matter where they are. Marketing has become the pursuit of consumers on all platforms. A 360 degree Marketing approach is to reach consumers wherever they are, however they are no matter what they are doing. A 360-degree marketing plan or a campaign uses all mediums or channels of marketing right from print media, digital and social covering television, radio, online marketing and mobile marketing. Digital marketing includes online marketing as well as modern-day marketing mediums like digital billboards. 

Webfx uses a combination of the traditional marketing mix and online tools to create a comprehensive view of your customer’s journey.  This ensures the brand doesn’t miss out on any consumer segment. Webfx understands that different consumer segments have different preferences, lifestyles and access to different communication mediums. While it is assumed that just about everyone these days owns a mobile phone, certain consumers may have a low-cost device or limited mobile data. The chances of them seeing advertisements on their mobile phones are low. Webfx ensures those consumers are targeted differently, utilising the mediums of radio and television, for example, to target these consumers.

Be it social media, television advertising, radio, newspapers and magazines, marketers are using every medium to get out there and communicate with consumers.