Traditional Media

Press Advertising, Radio Advertising, terrestrial TV advertising and outdoor advertising all have a captive audience in the Caribbean, despite Digital media being the no. 1 source for news and entertainment throughout the region.  Surveys suggest that Radio and Outdoor Advertising are still strong mediums to reach your target audience in Trinidad, Guyana, Barbados and St. Lucia.

It’s annoying to deal with different agencies and teams, which is why we have an agile and multi-faceted team capable of making the switch to traditional media when needed, with press layout designers, sound producers, videographers and video editors. This allows us to provide our partners with a 360° approach to media.


KFC Trinidad and Tobago

People in Trinidad and Tobago call it their bread and butter, others their national dish, but there’s no disputing the love that customers have for KFC and the offerings in their delicious menu. Webfx designed a national advertising campaign for KFC called the Tabanca Bucket, a theme which helped narrate the story of their special menu offers during the Trinidad Carnival season. It played on the emotions of the absence of Carnival due to the pandemic, while leveraging the product’s packaging which comes in a bucket. The digital designs were repurposed for use in the Trinidad press and outdoor advertising. 

Webfx is the digital media agency of record for KFC in Trinidad and Tobago.


Massy United Insurance Jamaica

What does my car mean to me? That was the thought behind the production of a radio commercial for Massy United Insurance in Jamaica. We were asked to tell the story of how a premium car insurance policy could get you back on life’s journeys, positioning the car’s value as that of being a life partner that needs proper coverage and support. The radio commercial was 45 seconds long and incorporated a Jamaican voice to ensure it appealed to the target market.  It was broadcast on contemporary radio stations in Jamaica.

Webfx also designed and published press ads and a T.V. animated series for Massy United Insurance in the Caribbean. 


Citizens Bank Guyana

Citizens Bank, with its headquarters located at 231-233 Camp Street and South Road, Georgetown, had assets of US$ 241.8 million as of September 30, 2018. With a customer base of over 52,000 customers, they provide retail and commercial banking services in Guyana.

Christmas is that time of year when personal loans are needed to pay for the Season’s activities and to various personal goals at the end of the year. Webfx was tasked with creating a 360° campaign to promote their Holiday Cash promotion. We focused on the affordability of the loans, the things that can be accomplished with the money and the convenience and ease of paying it back. Press, Radio, T.V., Branch Print Advertising and Digital media were channels that we used to achieve awareness, reach and eventual conversions. 

Webfx is the digital media agency of record for Citizens Bank Guyana Inc.


Love from Our Clients

To really understand social media, we needed to find a company that would hold our hand and take us through the process. We use Webfx and when we decided to embark upon this journey, we wanted to find someone who had expertise in the area, but also understood the Caribbean consumer. I needed to convince the Managing Directors in all our markets to invest in social media and I needed a partner to sell that message

Feisal Muradali

Regional Director of Marketing
Harnessing digital media has been a great way to generate new revenue streams for our business. We don’t want a vendor, we want a partner, and that is what Webfx is to us

Roger Rhambarose

Vice President