What’s new in mobile app development

What’s new in mobile app development?

The number of mobile app users is expected to grow to 7.49 billion by 2025. Last year there were 230 billion app downloads globally1. Apps are the future. An increasing number of people are interacting with the internet via smartphones and other mobile devices. Thus, applications that are designed to take advantage of these interfaces are crucial for businesses to future-proof their customer engagement and interactions.

If you have a business in Guyana, then you should work with an experienced app development agency to create a functional and user-friendly application for your business. Mobile app design and development is constantly evolving with new technologies and trends. As new technologies mature they are used more commonly in the development of applications. In this article we look at some of the latest trends that are gaining momentum in 2022.

Mobile Wallets

The pandemic forced people to become comfortable with online transactions. Over the past two years people have gotten more used to transacting and conducting business online. Mobile wallets have seen exponential growth. If your business app requires payment integration, make sure to do it via mobile wallets. In Guyana, MMG (Mobile Money Guyana) has been steadily increasing its user base and has given a boost to the country’s e-commerce sector. Speak to your app design and development company to learn more.

Incorporate mobile wallets for payments through mobile apps

Cloud based Apps

From how we pay for things online to how we build our online platforms. There has been a lot of change over the past few years. Thanks to giant providers like Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft’s Azure and Google’s Cloud Services, cloud storage and cloud technologies are becoming more accessible and affordable. The use of cloud technology can help make apps faster, more reliable and reduce the processing power required on devices to complete complex tasks.

Cloud technologies can also reduce the cost of developing and running a mobile application. You should talk to a professional mobile app development company in Guyana to understand how you can leverage the cloud technology for your business’s application.

Enhancing Retail Experiences

Mobile applications can help enhance and improve existing offline experiences. Beacon technology is an excellent example of this. This technology makes use of a smart phone’s Bluetooth service to identify when a phone is close to a particular location, this could be a store, an art gallery or even a hotel. Once the beacon recognizes that the phone is close to a specific location it can open a relevant app.

For instance, imagine you enter an art gallery and immediately your phone opens an app that allows you to learn more about the different pieces on display. Thus reducing the need for a guide or a gallery representative to assist you. Beacon apps can be used to enable queue-less checkouts at stores, to order room service in a particular hotel, and more.

Increased use of Blockchain

Use of Blockchain technology for mobile app creation

Most people associate Blockchain technology with cryptocurrencies. However, the technology can be used for a variety of use cases. It can be used to keep track of digital assets, create contracts, and for various other secure transactions. If you have an entrepreneurial mind you should think about ways to use the Blockchain technology to create value adding applications. The space is still relatively unexplored and fertile ground for first movers.

2022 will be an exciting time for application design and development. Wearables and smart appliances are increasing the types of interfaces that people can use to interact with apps. Smart and connected TVs are becoming common in most households; Creating more opportunities for app developers.

If you have a business or an idea for an app that you want to bring to life. Contact us at WebFX, we provide app design and development services for Guyana businesses.


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