Website Design for High Performance Essential Metrics to Track

Website Design for High Performance: 3 Essential Metrics to Track

Ecommerce revenue in Guyana is expected to increase to USD 118 million by the year 20251. In order to get the most from your business website, you need to ensure it is properly optimized for search engines and is designed to be user friendly. In order to make logical decisions on how you can improve your website performance, you need data. You need information on how users are finding your website, what they do once they land on a page, and details about their journey that leads to a final conversion.

You can use this information to identify areas of improvement and make data driven decisions that will have real impact on your sales. When engaging with a website design company, businesses in Guyana should ensure that performance tracking is baked into their website’s design. Your website development agency should be aware of what conversion actions matter to your business, so they can create a design that will be able to provide you with actionable insights as well as useful data for future improvements.

For example, if you rely on email marketing and newsletters to generate sales, your website should have clear call to actions that encourage users to subscribe to your newsletter. You should also be able to track which of these CTAs get the most clicks. There are a lot of tools, and software available for website analysis and data tracking. It can be difficult to understand how to cut through the noise and make a choice. In this article we will explore 3 essential metrics that you should track, and will also recommend the best tools to do so:

i) Search Queries

It’s important to know how users are finding your website. What are they typing into search engines when they find your business? Knowing which search queries are driving your website’s traffic will allow you to ensure you have the right information on your website. You can optimize content, create blogs, and even improve your product offering if you know what people are looking for.

Tracking search queries to optimize website content

Google Search Console is an excellent tool for this purpose. Search Console tells you which queries your website showed up for in search results and highlights which queries are driving clicks to your website. Google Search Console also gives access to Google’s Core Web Vital metrics. Read more on the importance of Google’s Core Web Vitals in website development.

ii) Website Traffic

Users can find your websites through multiple channels. They may land on your website via a business listing, or they can type in a search query and click on your website when it shows up in the search results. They can also come through social media platforms as well as paid ads. It is important to track and analyze the traffic coming to your website. Is there a particular day in the week when you receive more traffic? Are there particular months where traffic naturally increases? You can use this information to optimize your marketing communication on the website.

Google Analytics is a great tool for tracking and analysing the traffic coming to a website. Google analytics also offers information on the incoming traffic’s behaviour on the website. By studying traffic behaviour, you can gain better understanding of which webpages are most and least visited and how the flow of the website should be. Such valuable data when combined with website design can yield outstanding results in terms of website conversions. The one-two punch of Search Console and Analytics can provide you with a lot of information to extract meaningful insights.

iii) Conversions

A desired and defined action that users take on your website is referred to as a conversion. The most coveted form of a conversion is a sale. However, depending on your service offering, there might be other actions that users take on your website that are important. For example, if you provide a custom service, then users filling out an inquiry form would be a useful conversion. Similarly, users scheduling a consultation call or downloading a free eBook in exchange of their email id are all forms of a conversion. Clearly defining a conversion on your website and closely tracking it will help you make smart design upgrades that focuses on effective design flow built for optimum conversion rates.

Defining and tracking website conversions for smart website design upgrades

Google Analytics also has the ability to track conversions on your website. Google’s Tag Manager is useful for websites that have a complex conversion process.

Search queries, website traffic, and conversions are metrics usually associated with digital marketing campaigns. However, in the evolving digital landscape, these metrics provide crucial input to website design and development teams so they are able to successfully create high-performance websites.

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