UX Best Practices for Website Design

3 UX Best Practices for Website Design

The average conversion rate for a website is between 1 to 3 percent1. Conversion rate indicates what percentage of visitors to your website are taking a desired action, like making a purchase. A higher conversion means more business. You should strive to increase the number of visitors coming to your website and aim to achieve an above average conversion rate.

Digital marketing can help you increase the traffic to your website. Working with a website design agency in Guyana can help optimize the UI/UX of your website and get more conversions. In this article we explore 3 best UX practices you should follow to increase your website’s conversion rate.

UI vs UX, what is the difference?

UX (user experience) is concerned with how a website will work, while UI (user interface) addresses how a website will look. A good website design company will understand the importance of both. UX decisions such as what should users be able to do on a website and what functionalities should the platform have, must be finalized first. Once that is in place, UI decisions can be made.

For instance, if you know that you want users to be able to filter search results by price, quantity and location, then you can decide how to make these filters easy for them to see and understand.

Mentioned below are the primary objectives of UX vs UI

User Experience ObjectivesUser Interface
EngagementVisual Design
UsabilityInteractive Design

Best practices for website UX

1. Where am I?

Users should never have to wonder about this question when using your website. Visibility of system status, is an important UX principle. Users should always have visibility of where they are on a platform and what the status of a process is. This gives the user a sense of control and can increase engagement. The loading or buffering icons we see on videos, the ‘this will take a minute’ pop-up messages we see on certain software, are all examples of this principle in practice.

A good website design team will understand the importance of this principle and implement it for your site. This can manifest in the form of menu labels being highlighted to inform users what page/section of the website they are on, or in the form of a progress bar on a multi-page form.

2. Art imitates life

Another important principle of UX design is to make it easy for users to understand the elements on a website. A simple way to do this is to use elements from the real world that users are familiar with.  A greatexample of this are the print and call icons that are used on websites. Because we know what a printer looks like, we know which icon to click on to print something.

Website design elements that improve UX

3. Consistency

Consistency is key for good UX design. You need to ensure your website has both internal and external consistency. External consistency refers to design and usability elements that have become industry standard. If people are already used to these visual cues, good design will take advantage of them and not confuse users by trying to change them. For instance, the paper plane has become a universal icon for sending a message, you don’t need to come up with a new icon for this action.

Internal consistency refers to consistency in design on your own website. For instance, if there is a button on your website called ‘Exit’ that will log people out of their profile, then this should be the same everywhere. Don’t use the CTA ‘Logout’ in another place for the same function.

UI design is equally important to achieve a high conversion rate on your website. To ensure your website design follows the best UI and UX practices, partner with an experienced website design and development agency for Guyana business, like WebFX. Get in touch with team WebFX Guyana to find out how your website’s usability, performance and conversions can be further improved.


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