Douglas Ames
Managing Director
I love working with the team. They think I’m the driving force but they drive me more than they realize

Douglas Ames is the Owner and Managing Director of Webfx. We call him “Doug-E-Slaughter” after his tyrannical behavior when deadlines aren’t met.

Douglas has always been involved in managing technology, starting with his career in the telecommunications industry in 1996 running a Call-Back service. He then entered the world of internet media, with the launch and eventual sale of the HOMEVIEW group of websites.

As a graduate of St. Anthony’s College in Diego Martin, Trinidad, he learnt that hard work and dedication pays off. He likes running, liming, reading (The Economist is his favourite magazine) and eating Sushi!

Organisational skills
Microsoft Office Suite
Richelle Persad - Account Manager
Client Services Manager
We don't grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges. Every day at Webfx is a new challenge that allows me to grow in a different way every time.

Richelle Persad is the Client Services Manager at Webfx. She has a Bachelors degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Florida International University and her MBA in Marketing from Florida Atlantic University. Before Webfx, she worked as an Account Executive at Pepper Advertising for 1 year from 2012 to 2013. She also had some experience working at Digicel Trinidad, Hyatt Place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Trump International Sonesta Beach Resort in Miami, Florida.

Richelle’s dedicated years of service to Webfx and her pleasant nature has helped her to maintain a great relationship with her clients, but her timeliness and efficiency make it easy. Richelle loves yoga, listening to music while cooking, having a glass of wine…or 4 with her girls, making a fool out of herself with her nephews and feeling unconditional love in her marriage every day.

Being the Mother of the office - not impressed
Always up for ice-cream, or junk...or cookies...
Approachable before 9:00 a.m.
Creative Director
I thrive in a fast-paced and vibrant environment filled with opportunity to learn new things and explore creativity alongside an enthusiastic team.

Nicholas Shaw is the Creative Director who has a Diploma in Fine Art from the Edna Manley College of Visual Arts.

He has worked for the RJR Communications Group and Sandals Resorts International and  OGM Integrated in Jamaica as well as for Digicel Caribbean Limited in St. Lucia.

He believes you should view life and its problems as an opportunity to live and learn rather than a burden.

He enjoys music, video games, watching movies, and creating.

Knowledge of dancehall and reggae music
Eating doubles and roti with fingers
eating doubles and roti with a knife and fork
Account Manager
Working at WebFx is like being on a roller coaster- you just have to hold on and enjoy the ride. The diverse and dynamic WebFx team ensures that passion and creativity are at the heart of all projects executed.

Amanda Fernandes is an Account Manager at WebFx. She was born and raised in south Trinidad. She pursued an undergraduate degree in Child, Youth and Family Studies at the University of Guelph, Canada and has a Masters of Education (Health Promotion) from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine.

Amanda has a wealth of experience in curriculum development and programme facilitation, however having dabbled quite a bit in social media management and blogging, she was instantly drawn to the world of digital media and has been here ever since!

Her passion for interacting with people and building relationships coupled with her interest in digital media led her to WebFx.

Amanda loves to spend her free time with her favourite person, her baby James as well as her family and friends. She also enjoys working out, cooking and a good glass of wine or prosecco.

Most easily persuaded to induldge in a cheat meal (DQ or KFC)
Has at least 15 tabs open on her computer at any given time
Can start the day without coffee
Applications Development
Webfx is a place where I’m not just relegated to the technical side of things because I’m the ‘programmer guy’. I’m often encouraged to exercise my creative muscle and come up with novel suggestions and solutions to problems.

Albert Einstein once said “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. These words epitomize David Hamilton who is a Applications Development Manager at Webfx, yet still considers creativity his greatest asset. David possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Management from the University of the West Indies and has over thirteen years experience in Software Development with expertise in mobile application development, web development, front-end development, database design and cloud development.

When he’s not helping save the world at Webfx, David can be found reading, writing books and the occasional article, playing video games or making music as a Rapso artist called Da Face. If you can’t find him there, you definitely will find him on the basketball court where he welcomes all challengers.

Breaking down a wrapped roti into components
Ability to handle early morning traffic
Ducking under doors as a tall man and never hitting my head
Associate Creative Director
Working at WebFx has definitely shaped me into a more well-rounded and agile strategist and marketer. The organisation's focus on transforming business through digital solutions for clients across the Caribbean has fundamentally expanded the breadth of my experience - both professionally and personally.

By day, Anton is a brand strategist, and by night he fancies himself a Carnival costume designer. He started his career in advertising many years ago as a bright-eyed intern in the strategy dept of an advertising agency and never looked back. He believes in the power of storytelling, and unearthing the value that sound cohesive strategy can provide to a client. The surest way to get him to accomplish something is by telling him he can’t do it!

Carnival is his biggest love – both the festival itself as well as design elements in it. There is simply something different about that time of the year, and as a designer, it is a unique joy to watch your vision come to life with hundreds of masqueraders blissfully enjoy themselves wearing something you dreamed about for months before!

Can rock a bow-tie with any outfit
Can be just as handy with a glue-gun as he is with a keyboard
Is counting down to the next carnival
Lead Designer
It's new a learning experience at every turn and never dull moment!

Dominic has been in love with art from the moment he could hold a pencil as a child, he always had a passion for seeing the artistic beauty in everything. He graduated from the University of the West Indies, with First-class Honours and a B.A in Fine art and design. He previously had his own clothing line which emerged from his final year thesis paper on screen printing, in University.

Dominic’s hobbies include outdoor activities like swimming, archery, bike riding, and playing video games (God of war, The Division, Darksiders, Call of Duty). He also loves watching mind-bending shows like (DARK, 12 Monkeys, Predestination, Inception).

Designing while handicapped
Being the best Sniper on the team with most headshots
Conspiracy theorist


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