Curating Social Media Content

We get your content across

We’re not one to boast but this is one area we tend to excel in.

Social Media Marketing Services in the Caribbean

It has to do with our engrossing ourselves in our clients’ organizational culture to understand their customers’ needs and the product/services our clients’ offer. We then take our learning and repackage content in a way that will reach customers, engage with them and support business objectives.

At Webfx, we have a team of digital content producers that takes your content and repackages it in a way that will be palatable to the target audience. This involves their producing content schedules in advance for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and other social media platforms under our management at least 4 weeks in advance and analysing how and when customers engage with the content. They take this information and tweak the type of content and schedules to ensure maximum reach and engagement.

There is a lot of creativity involved as igniting a conversation in a room isn’t easy, especially with so many voices, but there is also a science to it, knowing when to speak and what to say to capture everyone’s attention.

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